New Project to Watch: Lifepack

New Project to Watch: Lifepack

I’m always looking cool, innovative new gear, especially on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Recently, I stumbled across a neat project called Lifepack.

Lifepack’s got a sleek design, separate spaces for clothes and work gear, a solar charger, integrated lock, RFID-blocking hidden pockets, and a water-resistant finish. There’s a few things I’m tentative about, but a few things I like  a lot.

First, the positives. The creators have a pretty good track record – they’ve already got one well-received project under their belts, Interlock. Their project time line shares experiences a lot of us are familiar with, including sleeping with backpack straps twisted around legs to prevent theft. The RFID-blocking pockets are a fantastic addition, the built-in lock seems lightweight and practical, and the solar charger set up is nothing short of brilliant. The design is sleek, not too bulky or outdoorsy. If the campaign makes its next stretch goal, which seems likely since they’ve got half their backing period left and already raised 1242% of their initial goal, they’ll offer a black version of the pack.

I am tentative about a few things, though. First, straps. How does it sit? Does it have any back ventilation? The lack of across the chest or around the waist straps is a drawback for me. I’m not keen on the Bluetooth speakers, but since they’re integrated into the solar panel system they shouldn’t take up too much weight. Also, I’d love a regular outlet option, instead of only the USB chargers.

If you want to pre-order a pack at a discount, there are still 125$ and 150$ options left.  And hey, if you get one  and write a review, let me know. I’ll link the first four or five reviews people point me to.

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