Traveler Types

Traveler Types

Sometimes, my various interests collide in interesting ways. I was deep in a reading for a Museum Practices segment on working with media when I stumbled across Destination Canada’s list of traveler types. The idea is that everyone has different reasons for traveling, and if the tourist board knows how you travel, they can suggest interesting things suited to your type.

I think this is relevant to us, actually, and not just tourist boards or tour companies. So often we feel pressured to do things a certain way – see this big sight! pack your days full of trips! interact with people instead of spending time in nature! and so on, depending on where you go. If you can pin down why and how you like to travel, you can make much more intentional choices, leading to better a trip.

Apparently I’m the “Authentic Experiencer”, which as far as I can understand means I appreciate both nature and culture when I travel, and I prefer to stay local, solo, and ethical. Which…fits me pretty well, honestly, although it doesn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know.

Read about the rest of the travel types here.



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