June 2016: Clothing News and Updates

June 2016: Clothing News and Updates

If you haven’t guessed yet, I am a total tech clothing geek. I follow companies on Instagram. I tweet them on twitter. I have lists of them that I’ll check up on seasonally to see if anything’s new. It’s not a big niche, but there’s interesting stuff happening, if you take the time to look! If you don’t have the time, it’s probably because you’re spending it on something on your to-do list instead of hyperfocusing on Googling variations of “women’s technical DWR pants” for hours. But hey. If I’m researching it, I might as well share it, right? Hopefully, these posts will come every six months, give or take. Maybe by then we’ll be in a world where hours-long Google hunts for the perfect pair of stain-repellent chinos is a thing of the past.

Good News:

Pivotte‘s now selling one of the tank colors that wasn’t unlocked in their Kickstarter campaign. I’m not super into it, but I’m still glad to see new things from them. (I’m sure there are some people out there who wear yellow, I’m just not one of them.)

Anatomie, one of the biggest names in women’s technical travel clothing, is starting a men’s line!

The Willary  is just now rolling out a new color for their core pants. They’ve also got shirts, apparently. SHIRTS! They’re super cute and I’m pumped, even without any technical specs out yet.

Odo Jeans is getting ready to ship perks to their Kickstarter backers. (No link on this one as I’ve been getting my updates via backer emails.) I am super ready to test mine out as a summer camp counselor and on my trip to Montana this summer. I am a little anxious about the fit, though. A review will be posted once they’re received and I form an opinion.

Dish and Duer‘s model is similar to Betabrand’s, except instead of crowdfunding individual garments, they Kickstart product lines. Right now they’re working on a new line specifically for travel. There are three styles, one for business travel, one for adventure travel, and one for leisure travel, each with a men’s and women’s version. In addition to a technical fabric blend (which all the pants are made of), most pants have hidden pockets and seat gussets. They’re also available in a nice range of colors. Keep an eye on these!

On a personal note, I’ve updated my dressy travel pants guide! I’m working on lots of other gear stuff at the moment, because apparently it’s my new hobby.


Bad News:

Makers and Riders seem to have discontinued their whole women’s line. So that’s cool.


Only News to Me:

In addition to Dish and DU/ER, I recently discovered two companies: Alchemy Equipment and Mountain Khakis. Alchemy Equipment seems to be known for their luggage, but they’ve also got some down to earth technical clothing in wearable designs. Mountain Khakis have options for women’s DWR khakis (duh), as well as technical jeans, among others. Check them out! I’ll certainly be keeping my eye on them.


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