Fall/Winter 2016: College Budget Technical Clothing Haul

Fall/Winter 2016: College Budget Technical Clothing Haul

Here are some quick reviews of shirts and pants I’ve gotten over the past few months. I’ll write these posts every so often to keep you up to date with travel clothes that are actually worth it.

This haul features a lot of H&M tencel and some Mountain Khakis pants. Read on for full opinions!

H&M long sleeve tencel shirt ($10)

This shirt is strange. I wanted a light, long-sleeved shirt that would cut the sun a bit and provide comfortable coverage for hot, conservative countries. I don’t hate this shirt, but it’s not what I was expecting. It’s got very tight sleeves, for one thing, so it’s uncomfortable to push them up. (I hate having my lower arms covered, so this is an issue for me.) It also hangs strangely around the shoulders and it’s l o n g. It’s practically a tunic. The stitches on the hems also look cheaply made.

Verdict? If you like the fit and want something cheap for a short-term trip, by all means get it! I won’t be getting it again.

H&M tencel tank top ($13) and tencel t-shirt ($15)

Both the tank and the shirt are built similarly. They fit nicely, although the neck drapes a little strangely on the t-shirt. Both shirts are incredibly soft and silky, and I frequently sleep in them after wearing them for the day. In certain lights or with certain bras, they’re a tad see-through. In general, I like them. I could do with another tencel tank, in particular.

H&M Tencel/Cotton/Modal jeans ($30)

Yep, this is the best picture I have of the pants.

Oh, boy. Yes, I know these jeans are more like jeggings, and yes, I know they’re cheaply made. But man. They are so comfortable I’m just choosing to ignore all that. They’re skinny without being suffocating and comfortable to wear while sitting for long periods. They also stretch nicely, meaning my movement’s not restricted, and they’re light wash, so they’re not super hot even in blazing sun. I’ve worn them on multiple flights, on field work, and for three days straight at Disneyland. No, they’re not perfect, but man, do I ever love them.

Mountain Khakis pants ($20, typically $90)

Mountain Khakis Traverse Pants Review
Mountain Khakis Traverse Pants

I got these deeply discounted during Mountain Khaki’s fall sale. I’ve already posted a full review of these, which you can see here.

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