Six Awesome Asia Blogs

Six Awesome Asia Blogs

You know what I like? Awesome blogs!

You know what else I like? Asia!

I’m sure you can see where this is going.

Here are some of my favorite blogs about living, traveling, and studying in Asia. Give them some love and bookmark them for when you plan your next trip!

Nomada How Far

I ended up here for something inane like Thai visa requirements and ended up following for their awesome stories presented in a clean layout. They have a whole section on their blog for the Mongol Rally, for crying out loud! How can you not love that!


Adventures Around Asia

Richelle at Adventures Around Asia

I can’t believe I just discovered Richelle! She lives in China and has traveled all around Asia. I really enjoyed her long essay about skin whitening in China, but that might not be your style, so check out her “start here” page for some great stories or just browse her blog if you’re heading to Asia anytime soon. She’s also fluent in Mandarin, so, you know. #goals

Sara Jaaksola

Sara writes about China, Mandarin, and starting a family in Guangzhou. I started following her for her Mandarin posts (she runs and teaches in a Mandarin center), but articles on Chinese family life are always fascinating.


Heart My Backpack

Silvia’s blog is one of my brother’s favorites. She lives in Norway now, but the reason she’s on this list is for her backlog of posts about the ‘stans and the rest of Asia. Check out this cool interactive map menu she’s got to sort them all!


The Ruby Ronin

Mary speaks Mandarin and Japanese. I found her through her post on how she learned to speak Chinese in 6 months and I enjoy the offbeat variety her blog provides. Her blog leans more toward languages and expat life than travel.

Lost with a Purpose

My brother actually tipped me off to this great blog. Alex and Sebastiaan visit under-loved countries like Iran and Uzbekistan and then write about their adventures in a down to earth, no-nonsense style. In their words,

“We’ve come across so many good people from “forgotten” countries such as Armenia, or from countries that are suffering from negative reputations in the media such as Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. We’re here to promote tourism to these countries by sharing peoples’ stories, and showing sides of these countries that the media will never show.”

What other blogs should I check out? I’d love to read more blogs about expats living in countries like Mongolia and the ‘stans, and I’d also love to read about travelers in Asia who aren’t young, white, and Western.

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