I consulted many travel blog “about me” pages while writing this page, and they all included things I can’t offer: inspiring stories of leaving the corporate world, a dozen guides to as many countries, four or five years of archived posts.

Guess what? I’m new to this gig! I graduated from the University of New Mexico in 2017 and launched straight into a life of full-time exploring. It’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid, and I’m so excited to finally be living 12-year-old Renee’s ridiculous dreams.


You know what I was doing ten years ago? Making questionable fashion choices and wishing I was a pirate. It’s hard to follow that particular dream seeing as, you know, it’s illegal, but I’ve been doing my best.


Aloft on Lady Washington. All I really wanted out of piracy was tall ships, a good view, and sword fights, anyway. (Picture by Roberts. Thanks, Roberts!)

All this means I don’t have a whole lot to share right now, but don’t worry — it’s coming!

Awesome upcoming adventures include:

  • Getting my CELTA Certificate in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Going to intensive Mandarin school for nine months in Taipei, Taiwan

Cool things I’ve done in the past include:

Cool version: studying a coprolite at one of the most famous and scientifically significant paleontology sites in the world
Uncool version: looking at dino poop while kinda heatsick


“Things I’m planning on doing if I have the time and money” include:

  • Traveling overland from Beijing, China to Cape Town, South Africa
  • Going to archaeological field school
  • Going back to work on tall ships
  • Teaching English in Taiwan (and maybe elsewhere — Poland? Dubai? )

I care about functional, attractive women’s clothes, so I end up posting a lot about that. I also care about ethical living and traveling, so you get guides like How to Be A Better Citizen of the World in the middle of travel journaling.


  • I blog about random stuff here (tends to be long-form and eclectic).
  • I post opinions on museum interpretation here, for you museum junkies.
  • I really hate Twitter as a platform, but I sometimes post cool articles, so follow me? (Or don’t. Seriously, the platform sucks.)
I love Taiwan dearly and am so pumped to be moving there! I hope you’ll stick around for the journey.