Hello there! I’m Renée, and I’m too passionate about far too many things.

I try to travel light, cheap, and ethical, although those don’t always work smoothly together. I write about responsible tourism, vegetarian eats, and cool gear. I also occasionally ramble about museums, current events, geekiness, and alternative education. If I could sum up all of my interests in a phrase, it would be “living and learning ethically and adventurously.”

Of my many passions, travel is always near the top of my list. It’s why I ended up in New Mexico, far away from the little New England town I grew up in. It’s why I spent four months in Taiwan. It’ll get me out of bed at 1:30 in the morning and nudge me to save my paychecks. In the past two years, I’ve spent quality time in Taiwan, Japan, Guatemala, Honduras, Cambodia, New York City, Chicago, Boston, and Albuquerque, and I’ve set foot in Vietnam and China. I met an Indian toothbrush mogul in China, hammed it up with snow monkeys in Japan, got stranded on a mountain overpass in Montanan bear country, and slept in my car in Moab, Utah.

Me and a baby macaque in Yamanouchi, Japan.

I live in southern New Hampshire at the moment but am soon moving to Southeast Asia! Read on for ponderings and de-briefings from past travels, as well as explorations of the southwestern corner of the USA.