I consulted many travel blog “about me” pages while writing this page, and they all included things I can’t offer: inspiring stories of leaving the corporate world, a dozen guides to as many countries, four or five years of archived posts.

Guess what? I’m new to this gig! I graduated from the University of New Mexico in 2017 and launched straight into a life of full-time exploring. It’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid, and I’m so excited to finally be living 12-year-old Renee’s ridiculous dreams.


You know what I was doing ten years ago? Making questionable fashion choices and wishing I was a pirate. It’s hard to follow that particular dream seeing as, you know, it’s illegal, but I’ve been doing my best.


Aloft on Lady Washington. All I really wanted out of piracy was tall ships, a good view, and sword fights, anyway. (Picture by Roberts. Thanks, Roberts!)

All this means I don’t have a whole lot to share right now, but don’t worry — it’s coming!

Right now I live in Taipei! I’m studying Mandarin intensively for nine months in Taiwan’s lovely capital.

In the near future I’ll be exploring Taiwan, posting about Taipei and language acquisition, and traveling around Asia!

Some of my past adventures include:

Cool version: studying a coprolite at one of the most famous and scientifically significant paleontology sites in the world
Uncool version: looking at dino poop while kinda heatsick 

“Things I’m planning on doing if I have the time and money” include:

  • Traveling overland from Beijing, China to Cape Town, South Africa
  • Going to archaeological field school
  • Going back to work on tall ships
  • Teaching English in Taiwan (and maybe elsewhere — Poland? Spain?)

I care about functional, attractive women’s clothes, so I end up posting a lot about that. I also care about ethical living and traveling, so you get guides like How to Be A Better Citizen of the World in the middle of travel journaling.


  • I blog about random stuff here (tends to be long-form and eclectic).
  • I post opinions on museum interpretation here, for you museum junkies.
  • I really hate Twitter as a platform, but I sometimes post cool articles, so follow me? (Or don’t. Seriously, the platform sucks.)
I love Taiwan dearly and am so pumped to be living here! I hope you’ll stick around for the journey.