Psst. Hey, kid…

Psst. Hey, kid…

Wanna get free stuff and help a girl out while you’re at it?

Housing discounts! Clothing discounts! Free (or cheap) stuff for you and me, at no cost to either of us!

…sorry, I get a little excited about referral programs.


Stuff I can vouch for:

-If you’re traveling anywhere, consider staying at an Airbnb location. If you use that link, you get 35$ of Airbnb credit. That could be a whole night’s stay or better! If you use the code, I get 35$ of credit for my next trip. If you decide to host, I get 65$ of credit (and you get lots of good karma)!

-If you’re into gently used Lululemon or L. L. Bean, ThredUP will give you 10$ to spend on whatever you want. I also get 10$, at no expense to you.


Stuff I can’t vouch for but I’ve heard good things about:

-If you’re interested in cool, high-tech, crowd-sourced clothing like wear to work sweatpants or desk appropriate yoga pants, use this link to get 15$ off a BetaBrand purchase of 75$ or more. I get 15$ in credit, too, so we both win!

-The Clymb sells several brands of outdoor clothing for men and women (including my beloved Exoficcio). Want ten dollars towards a new shirt or ridiculously high tech underwear? (I get ten bucks, too!)

Leota sells some lovely, practical dresses that I hear hold up well on the road (although I don’t have one myself)

-If you’re interested in learning a language (and you should be!), this link will get you 10$ off your first language lesson on Italki. And I get 10$ off, too!

Honey automatically searches for discounts when you check out online, so you don’t have to!

Thinx makes period underwear that can totally replace pads/tampons/cups. Yep, you read that right. Freedom from weird foreign tampons! Freedom from asking strangers for pads! (The link gets you 10% off.)


Organizations I like (and maybe you will, too):

Kiva‘s mission is to ” to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty”.  It’s much more personal than most international donation programs, and it has a fantastic track record. I don’t get anything if you donate except a note letting me know, which is honestly pretty cool.

Femme International provides menstrual supplies and education to young women in East Africa.

I’m not sponsored by any of these companies. These referral codes are here to help you out (and me as well). If you sign up, you can get your own referral links and spread the love!